Thursday, October 25, 2012

Been Awhile... I am now a "Mayan" Finished my Cholo Glide Holmes



  1. Love how the costumes change fer the 3/4 helmet and flannel here..dis is outlaw gear timeee.

  2. Whoa! Those custom mufflers look so gorgeous! But don’t you think those long low riders are dangerous, particularly if you’re driving in congested city streets? If you’re going to use that in wide roads, I think that would be okay. You can freely move without worrying about the people or cars behind you. Anyway, I think that’s an awesome addition!

    >Claudio Mccarty

  3. The design of this bike looks like it’s built for an action movie, and that, rightfully, an action star should be driving it. Haha! Anyway, I agree with Claudio regarding those riders that you have. I know it looks cool, but I think you should be extra cautious in driving, especially with those at your rear. ;)

    -- Hannah Parkin