Saturday, August 11, 2012

My first bike, eeewww like the headlight, it's a "bobber"


  1. Awesome ride! What kind of engine did you have in there? Looks like a pretty mean one, I can give you that. Have you tried touring with this, or just taking it out and running up the engine to the limit? I imagine that would be awesome! Just you and your bike, taking on the countryside together!

    >Claudio Mccarty

  2. I think customizing it with a bobber look is a good idea. Less is more, as they say. This ride doesn’t look so bulky anymore. I can see that you’re a minimalistic type of person with the type of customization you did on your bike. Well done!

    >Hannah Parkin

  3. Well, this is a unique bike. I think the wheels are not proportionate to the size of the frame. The wheel is too big, while the body seems small, especially the seat. Hm, it is indeed peculiar.

    Erik Lucien